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For most people, the word corruption invokes the image of a government minister secretly accepting millions from a company in exchange for a public contract, or motorists paying off traffic police to avoid speeding tickets. Bribeslarge or small, are the most well-recognised type of corruption, but other forms also exist. Consider nepotism or cronyismpractices where officials extend preferential treatment — such as access to jobs, or other resources and services — to their family members, or friends and associates. Or picture the finance manager who embezzles company funds that had been entrusted to her care. Abuse of entrusted power for private gain is a definition popularised by Transparency International — the leading global non-governmental anti-corruption movement. Whilst not without critics, this definition is widely used because it encapsulates three core elements of corruption:.

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Ten years after a devastating earthquake struck Haiti, the country is still struggling to recover and remains vulnerable to natural disasters. A jury is about to decide the fate of a senior SNC-Lavalin executive accused of corruption and fraud.

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Meanwhile, Canada's remediation agreement process is still sorely lacking. What happens when a leader's beliefs and decisions have an indirect negative impact on the business?

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For the first time since independence, Namibia's ruling party has suffered electoral setbacks in the midst of economic and political crisis. South Africans have become more restive about paying taxes to a government mired in allegations of corruption.

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Jean-Jacques Dessalines, who freed Haiti from French colonial rule inis revered as a spirit in the Haitian religion. But that's not enough. Stella Prize winner Heather Rose's new novel Bruny catalogues modern geopolitical concerns in a work that crosses satirical, political and family drama genres.

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Crony capitalism became firmly embedded under Ben Ali, benefiting his family and close friends. The fallout for President Trump from his conversation with Ukrainian President Zelenskiy was swift and harsh. The consequences for Zelenskiy and his country could also be serious.

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As the House mounts an impeachment investigation of President Trump, examples from Central and South America show that ousting an executive leader from office doesn't always have the intended effect. While there are bad people who work for it, there are also many good ones.

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Western perceptions of what's happening in Tunisia differ sharply with Tunisia's daily reality: the truth is that its political transformation is in trouble. This book is a booster to morale. It tells South Africans they can enjoy the impressive economic growth they once achieved.

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While critics accuse companies facing lots of lawsuits of using bankruptcy as a sort of 'get of jail free card,' the reality of the legal procedure is more complicated. Countries in Africa have some of the highest rates of entrepreneurship in the world, yet their contribution to the economy is limited.

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Technology such as the blockchain, drones and AI could provide a way forward.