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We are glad to present you the of Apocanow dedicated to cheats and secrets for Yorna: Monster Girl's Secret! You will find all the unlockables and strategies to get ahead in the game, overcome difficult parts and discover new parts of the game.

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Also will there be a scene with the dark robe woman on the title screen? I plan to make it bigger and better than Yorna with all the ideas and experience I got during the development. If you are where I think you are you have to go find her teacher in the pine forest which is right below the vagabond camp and I think the lumberjack village, go to that forest and go down one area and then take a right and go through that path and walk into the temple courtyard and talk to Mio's teacher.

You can't. The cave serves as a home for Raiju so she won't have to freeze her ass in the snow. I can't find it also because I don't know where the cave is. Use it to get inside the crystal cave and explore the zone. What are yorna mgs cheats condition to make it appear? You get one from a Sally the succubus after you defeat her in the crystal cave. Hello there!!

May i has a clue on how to get the Shady Guy's codes Hey, is it possible to get rid of extra Fell Extract from the inventory? I can't sell it, and there doesn't seem to be a way to drop it.

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Sorry, I like having a clean inventory! Plus, it can be awkward if you sell all your crafting materials and unlock a new dress to make. Just downloaded all 4 options simultaneously and all of them are ok. Try downloading the game on Patreon?

Ok, just include relevant info in the futute. It's like visiting a doctor with only "It hurts" as a description of your problem - impossible to help without details. The code is Patreon reward. Check out the frequently asked questions post. Win the battle using only offensive lust skills like "Seduce" and "Lust bolt".

Last time I tried ing Yorna directly to Itch, players had problems with downloading the game. Saves are and were compatible among all versions from 0. Copy your save folder from an older release into the new one and continue with your adventure. Where is the witch? It says to check Mortimer's tower but I can't find anything.

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Playing V. Check the rubble blocking the stairs up in the tower. Ada will sense a trace of teleportation magic and open it. Use the new portal to get inside the tower. Ayane the kitsune will instruct you on what you need to do. In short, to enter some areas Ada needs to tame elemental essences. For example, taming fire essence from the desert will allow you to enter the snowy mountain region.

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Talk to her at the Fox Shrine inside pine wood and check the help menu if you forgot what do you need to do. I guess the items you mention are needed for quests, like the letter you mentioned from the abandoned hideout with skeletons. Sometimes you can pick them up before getting the quest.

Ada suspects the baron. Speed is the ability to do something before the enemy. This means more frames, and this quickly spans out of control. Plus, I think more people will appreciate animated scenes - working on them right now for the future project.

EX version will receive new H scenes and a few mini-dialogues with monster girls and go on distribution platforms as I already mentioned in my dev plans post. Just checked the letter and it works fine. No, I plan to make animated scenes with the text. No further clicks will advance the scene before you un-hide it. The same logic as in Yorna.

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The game refused to update through the itch desktop app, so I uninstalled it to try reinstalling the update fresh… … And it said the install files were hosted on an incampatible website…. Itch acts strange during this update Just download the game directly from my Patreon - I'll have direct download links there. Will look into Itch problems after v1. Well, where did you the files for version 0. Something like that…. Actually, v0. Yes, I linked my Google Disk since Itch game me some errors on download. Yes, saves are compatible.

I just deleted the old files and linked them up from Patreon. Try using the new links and if the problem persists - contact me with more info. Or you can just use Patreon directly.

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I re-downloaded day of and it worked just fine- i think it was an error on my own PC. Thank you though. The download stops halfway causing the file to become corrupt - just checked it out myself.

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Contacted the support, want to check with them first before re-ing the files. Drops from jinko enemies in the pine forest, playing with a hunter in the lumberjack village and a few caches you can find with treasure maps. Why does every time it crash I have to restart overcan you like add a way to keep saves after u close the game lol. Crash problem is fixed in 0.

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You don't need to start over after each crash, just use saves. Keep saves after closing the game? Why the usual saves or the autosave feature doesn't work for you? Well, v0. I plan to release v1. Yorna will get content updates before I will be ready to switch to the second game.

Using anything else will net you a normal victory. Check the gallery to see which foes have domi events. You can find them at the bottom of the gallery. If ever the next public and fixed version for android arrives, can I still load my save files from v0.

How do I repair the bridge? I've gotten to the point where I've rebuilt the house and even broght both the garden and bedroom upgrades. The only lead I've curantly got to go on is that I need to speak to the shop keepers which I've done many times at this point. I'm in built v08a Windows version, is this a know bug, is there a way to fix it, should I restart or instal a difrent version?

Am I just missiong something obvious and manking a fool of my self? Thanks for help in advance. Did you get into the desert region by going through the mountains? You can repair the bridge by talking to the lumberjack leader in the village, on the opposite side of the bridge. Glad you like the game. Shady guy's password is a reward from the Patreon. It's included in master and archmage tiers and yorna mgs cheats to unlock the ful gallery for the update.

You can check release waves on my Patreon. I'll always make posts like this so people would know the schedule.

Yorna: monster girl’s secret guide + walkthrough

Just try it out. I added an extra button so you can use it to emulate hitting escape. Also, two-finger tap acts like the escape button too.