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This article addresses the relationship of toleration and humour as virtues. It then turns to argue that humour plays a fundamental role in relation to living a virtuous life.

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Launched inVine is a popular microblogging service that allows users to record, edit, and share six-second videos that loop ad libitum, until another video is selected. At this time, the communicative, expressive, and semiotic affordances of Vine and similar services have still to be fully explored by users and scholars alike.

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Communicative content of selected visual construction of humour on facebook: a visual social semiotic analysis

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This is a dummy description. The aim of this book is primarily to highlight humour? Chapter one describes philosophical, social and psychological perspectives on humour. In Chapters two and three humour is presented as a form of playing which originates in the earliest exchanges between mother and baby and which confers ificant advantages on our adaption.

Humour on the couch

In Chapter four the relationship between physical and mental health and humour is examined in the light of the research literature from psychology and medicine. Chapter five restricts itself to a discussion of psychoanalytic views on humour in psychotherapy.

Finally, chapter six reviews evolutionary perspectives of humour. She is a clinical psychologist and a psychoanalyst. She is a Fellow of the British Psychoanalytic Society.

She has published several books and papers on psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. On Humour's Tightrope.

The First Clown. The Playroom of The Mind.

Social media managers on using humour on social, and the brands that do it best

Humour and health. The Analytic Double-act. Why Humour?. Truth and freedom.