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Today I am happy to announce that The Academy — Part 4 has been released and is now available in the members section. After 3 months hard work I am very happy to announce the release of part four of my Academy series. Naturally this follows on from the first three installments and continues the complex and engaging story. As before, you will need a code from the end of part three to play this game. Different codes will unlock different scenes and options in part four. I have noticed on the blog that the basic logic of the code structure has been sort of figured out, in so much as people have attempted to work out what each letter or represents in terms of achievements from part three.

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Thread starter RedKing Start date May 19, 3dcg animated big tits bukkake group sex handjob interracial lesbian male protagonist multiple endings oral sex romance school setting vaginal sex voyeurism. Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 6 of 12 Go to. Quacker Well-Known Member Donor.

Respected User. Aug 6, 1, Ayceslater said:. I've done that.

Do you think another web browser would help? Jun 13, 1 0. Based off this latest episode if you get the "best" ending Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now.

May 5, 1, Has a walkthrough been made yet? Henry Cassinova Newbie. May 3, 16 6. Hi, I am trying to download this from filebox but the download speed is pathetically slow.

Can someone give a link to a torrent or any other downloading option? I have been trying last 2 weeks with no luck Will appreciate help here. Thanks a ton. Tezibie New Member. Jun 20, 1 0.

Ayceslater Newbie. May 8, 31 1. St crops13 said:. I think you get it from one of the games, Also i noticed a glitch at the bit where you give the camera back to Megan, When you say "Yes I have it" it goes to a black screen and you can't get out of it.

May 10, St Still no fix for that? Kelechi New Member. Jun 28, 8 2. Apr 30, Credits go to Santa, author of the walkthrough.

Last edited: Jul 4, Reactions: mosztervitkrensetu and 2 others. Aug 6, 7, 37, Use spoiler or put in a text document and add to post. KonV New Member.

Jul 16, 9 2. Who want ai have one. Jul 25, 1 0. VonRaschke said:.

Thoughts to “may 19th update”

Yeah, I couldn't figure out how to not get fired using my A code from Part 3. I put the camera in the Principal's office and retrieved the camera but for some reason I couldn't prove it to Bridgette and Didi. There also appears to be a bug with Ms. Goodhead following the big meeting where if you talk to her before talking to Bridgette and Didi then when you tell them you're going to find Ms.

Is there anyway to not get fired if you forgot to get the spare key from the jacket in Part 3? I started over on Part 2 today to see if I can get a different code. Oddly enough when I went a different route in Part 2 and did the Holly route I ended up with the exact same code as I got on my first run through Part 2 A I did a completely different run with no Holly or Annie in Part 2 and now I got a different code A so I'll try that in Part 3 now and see what happens. Mojammelboro New Member.

Aug 10, 1 0. May 29, 1 0. Is thre anyone how to end the academy part 4 megan ask me to steal the hidden camera but im stuck im always kickout pls help. DragonHeart New Member.

May 4, 8 0. Anyone knows how to get achievements 24 and 35? In the elevator with Alicia, she presses the alarm button but Laura and Sebastian do not arrive to rescue us before Alicia takes of her underwear 2. At the end Annie sends me the messege when she is angry at me and when she is not not but I do not get the achievement. GeneralA New Member. Aug 21, 6 3. Can't seem to download, looks like the link is down. Reactions: HellMonkey. HellMonkey Newbie. Sep 1, 68 GeneralA said:. Game Compressor. Former Staff.

Feb 3, 1, 16, Reactions: HellMonkey and Quacker. Timing New Member. Sep 8, 1 0. Can someone make a walkthrough please. Apr 4, 13 4.

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