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Developer: Ferdafs Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love. Click on dev's link for more info. You play as Morty and get to explore the town and meet the residence, establishing relationships as you go.

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Let's have a wank at FapNation! Fap-Nation, what a name! I need to take a step back from porn with real people and shit every once in a while. Comics, games, and hentai can be fucking awesome. Drawn porn can be a lot more interactive, at least for now.

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Looking to fap to a new, hot game that will blow your mind as quickly as it helps you blow your load? Then you came to the right fucking place. I know you horny gamers need a selection of quality titles to pick and choose from. Oh, did I mention that all of those games are available for free? Yeah, no need to dig out your grimy velcro wallet and dish out any dosh for this site. The site is relatively new.

It launched at the very end of and has been amassing titles to grow its ever-expanding catalog since then.

And they have done really fucking well. They bring in anywhere between million of you fappers monthly. The site has a pretty sleek de.

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Not many download sites look nearly this good. And they even have a big-ass search bar down below the banner with some decent search options. You can narrow your search there by a whole bunch of sub- when it comes to comics. The games section is mainly broken up by the operating system. That one takes you offsite to somewhere else that has even more hentai games for you to fap to.

Us on newly launched discord

And the games tab has a few different options for you to click on when you hover your cursor over it. You can simply hit the header button to a selection of every single game on this massive site, or you can narrow your field down by the operating system. They have games here that will run on fucking anything. That includes you nerdy Linux users out there. You can also sort by games that have been completed. The site has a fair share of them. But the pop-ups fucking suck.

Your first five or six clicks on the site will throw up a new tab with whatever stupid bullshit is being advertised. At least it seems to stop after a while. There are no options for organizing the by games that are popular, trending, or have the most plays. What the fuck is up with that?

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All of that aside, the previews are pretty decent. You can also check out the full title of the game, the name of the creator, the version that the game is on or if it is completedand you can see when the game was ed. Oh, and you get a sizeable image preview of either the cover or a screenshot from one of the sex scenes. On the full gameyou get an even bigger image preview to look at as well as a large selection of images from the game.

Browse games for every operating system!

The game gets a rating out of 5 stars. And, last but not least, you can hit the download button to get any of these kinky porn games for free. You get sent right to the file host where you can download the game with ease. The mobile site is great. The entire layout is formatted properly for mobile users. And this download site actually has content that you can play on your phone. Or, fuck it, throw those games on a tablet and jerk off to them in the comfort of your own bed. The choice is yours.

Sleek & modern site de

You get a little bit of everything. SFM, western, hentai, toon, you fucking name it, and this site has tons of it. Being able to download games quickly and directly from the file host was a nice touch. I hate having to sit on those cluttered ad s with all of the for dick growth pills for 15 seconds before I can move on.

And the overall site experience was pretty good. Get some fucking filter options and category s!

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All of those s should be standard. Especially for a site like this where you have to flip through hundreds of s of content to find what you want. That alone would make the site so much better and easier to browse. But, as is, they still have some work to do before they reach that level of awesomeness. Overall, Fap-nation. I think you fucks should check it out. I know you cheapskates must like the sound of that shit. That way, you can spend more cash on crusty anime body pillows or whatever it is you betas buy. No more crawling to your mom to beg her for a 20 spot to get a new hentai game.

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F fap-nation. Fap Nation F fap-nation.

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Browse Games for Every Operating System! Informative Game Previews With HD Screenshots On the full gameyou get an even bigger image preview to look at as well as a large selection of images from the game.

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