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There are stairs to the north, but ignore them for the moment. Instead, go northeast, then north, then west. Go to the southwest corner of this room to get a Max Repel.

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You have arrived on the mysterious Cinnabar Island, home to many mysteries -- but also many revelations. It sounds problematic, but it's actually good for you. Bring the fossil you received on Mt. This way, you'll get Aerodactyl and either Kabutops or Omastar.

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Pokemon fire red and leaf green walkthrough

Ponyta Koffing Grimer. Ponyta Koffing Grimer Magmar. Growlithe Ditto Grimer.

The door to the Gym is locked, and rumors suggest the key is lost in the abandoned mansion. To get the key, take the stairs to the main part of Floor 3 A to Csearch the statue for a hidden switch every statue here has onethen jump down the first balcony near a scientist marked point D. The stairs here will take you to the basement where the Secret Key lies. Flip all of the switches you pass and you'll find it without much trouble.

Yellow players can pick up a Growlithe and a Ditto. The items include a of stat-enhancing supplements, and two TMs. There is also a hidden Moon Stone in one of the pillars on Floor 1, right after you enter the mansion. There is a hidden Max Revive on Floor 3, at the top of the narrow path above marker A. There is a Rare Candy in the basement, in the room with the Secret Key near the top-left corner above the plants. Also fight all the Burglars that you can — they'll give you good EXP and a ton of cash.

Something of clear interest in the mansion would be the various s from Dr. Fuji's journal, scattered about the mansion. You've been fighting these guys for ages, but you've never had an opportunity to catch one until now.

No big loss: Grimers and the evolved Muk are literally garbage. Well, maybe that's a bit harsh. It's just that Poison-types are the worst in the game, in that no Poison skill except for maybe Toxic, which you have to use a TM to teach him is good against the quickly-defeated computer opponents.

But at least Muks get a high Attack score and decent HP. Team Rocket's bizarre affinity for these gaseous blobs is probably one of the reasons they lose so much. At higher levels, fear their Selfdestruct and Explosion skills Too bad their most powerful attacks knock themselves out too!

Magmar is both hard to catch and exclusive to Blue, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's any good. Namespaces Discussion. Views Read Edit View history.

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Boulder badge. Leap of Faith. Ditto that. The Diaries of Doctor Fuji. Hidden category: Sub-s.

This was last edited on 4 Januaryat menu. Cascade badge Route 3 Mt. Moon Route 4 Cerulean City 3.

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