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I would like planes of eros female that like emotions

Summary of Game Enter the realm of Eros and experience magic through fun and engaging slot machines!

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Increasing Coins 2. Increasing Gems 3.

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Adult-oriented digital game distributor Nutaku has a brand new game for Android called Planes of Eros according to a press release from the company. Planes of Eros has what has to be the most amusing opening scene I've seen in a Nutaku game yet. Your player character is in the middle of some, er, private time when he's suddenly transported to a fantasy world.

You're dropped into the midst of a battle against an evil monster with a few cute fighter girls on your team. Battles in the game take place through a sort of slot machine mechanic. You'll spend some coins to spin it for your attack with the possibility of higher damage or combinations depending on what comes up.

If things get really tough, you'll be able to use special "Eidolon" moves which are hilariously ridiculous - I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when the first tutorial battle asked me to use the Eidolon and I saw the player character literally fire a high-energy beam from his crotch at an evil demon girl. I'm not even joking.

Planes of Eros is a Nutaku title for Android where a slot machine determines your damage in combat. As always, bear in mind that this particular Android game is a free-to-play title.


I spent a bit of time in Planes of Eros and noticed that players can purchase coins for spinning the attack slots and crystals for acquiring new squad members if they'd like to spend a bit less time grinding. There's also a gacha system which is more-or-less equivalent to loot box-style mechanics.

Of course, this is a Nutaku title and there's sure to be plenty of fanservice and outright lewd stuff. I was a bit surprised to find that the player character's "magical sword" is the key to sealing away the power of the sexy demon girls you battle.

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I'd be a bit more incredulous if this weren't my first rodeo with an adult-oriented game. Players can expect to be treated to high-quality animated CG scenes throughout the game and they can access a gallery to watch them later.

Just don't get pulled into a magical fantasy world of your own! It's a pretty hefty install at around MB, so make sure you've got the free space for it on your device!

Disclosure: Nutaku provides perks for TechRaptor membersand TechRaptor participates with an affiliate linking program with Nutaku. Some of the links in this article are affiliated. What do you think of Planes of Eros?

Summary of game

Does the idea of a slot machine battle game intrigue you? Let us know in the comments below!

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