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Nutaku harem heros woman picking men to flirts

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So i played the stanalone version as Hentai heroes first, but later, in the wiki actually i see that there's a Harem heroes which is the same game but in Nutaku, so i just want to know which one has more player or are they connected to each other?

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Just stay here with us, you won't be disappointed. They're the same game, Just for publicity HaremHeroes is hosted by nutaku. And the orginal HentaiHeroes is hosted by the devs.

Harem heroes

HentaiHeroes get's the dev voices and implements. Some actions from HentaiH aren't allowed on HaremH. So for that point HentaiH is better.

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The wiki is made on a fan-hosted site where all the other nutaku game wiki's are. So thats the point of the HaremHeroes wiki.

Nutaku harem heroes porn

As for the sound, click the top right menu to activate sound? Just to confirm with everyone, there's no sound but the background music, right?

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The one track that loops? Why can't you link s between the two games?

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I'm Level 20 on Harem Heroes and don't really want to start over. I hope they make this possible soon. Sorry for the necro, but as I just noticed there is a "standalone" version of Nutaku's 'HaremHeroes' game, and was researching if it's possible to transfer my progress from Nutaku to the standalone version, the boldened line above got me curious.

Does that mean the 'standalone' version has content that the Nutaku's version does not?

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Extra scene, girls, etc? I play on Nutaku and only have this for the forum but so far I havn't noticed a difference.

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I have one on both of them, since they are different in classes and with some girls that I got or didn't got, I keep both. But I never see any difference between both except the way you could pay stuff, for instance and thats for you Devs in HaremHyou can pay the Monthly card with Paysafe and in HentaiH you can't, but beside that I didn't any difference. But for real Devs, I know about the "losses" more like low profit you could get with low budget paysafe transactions, but at least do an option to pay 2 or 3 months a row with that option.

You can have it when you buy coins, why not on the M-card too?

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Dont know if anyone else has this but i seem to have better luck with girls dropping here on HH over the Nutako site. Music will be heard now. Silent Hunter Look at the date of the post you reply to That's from july last year, that's 10 months ago. Closing this thread now. If anybody has questions related to this, they can open a new thread.

Start new topic.

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