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Maria luv girl picking men to phish

She is an actress and director.

married biatch Leia

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My age: 27
What is my sex: Female
Color of my hair: I've short curly hair
I speak: English, French
My body features: My body type is athletic
My favourite drink: I prefer to drink lager
Favourite music: Techno
Body piercings: I don't have piercings
Smoker: Yes

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If I'm not mistaken, this was the last song of Teena Marie that was ever released as a single. It was released posthumously. Teena Marie will always be in our memories and in our hearts. Maria luv was a musical genius. Carla Linton. She resting and peace now and loved by many, her music will live forever. Just listen to Casanova Brown and had to log on to you tube to search for Teena.

I still am sad over her passing in Teena really touched my soul in every way. Teena was the soundtrack to my teenage years and up until her death. Til this day I haven't heard not one single female artist that sounds like her. Teena truly was unique in her musical style. Her voice is smooth and sexy. Teena's music really does touch every single emotion inside of you What can I say. I really truly miss this Ivory Queen Of Soul. Teena was the real deal no b. Thank you Lady T for all of your great music. You were definitely underrated and you're truly a legend.

RIP heaven just received a true blue angel Until we meet again. Friday night getting ready to go out.

Had to come on and listen to Teena. Always remembered going out to the clubs and sure enough you would hear Behind the Groove right after I Need Your Lovin. Thank you Teena for sharing your talent with us. I will never ever forget you!!

RIP my love is with you always!! I love this queen wow amazing voice no competition but with Whitney Houston both of them my favorites.

Marie luv trivia

Rip Teena dam girl I'm still rocking u I have all your CDs an yes they all real no boot legging Teena baby the voice just drive me crazy love u our star child an I will one day meet u on the limb. My lover girl an kisses to your daughter keep your head up our lil rose. I miss you alot!!! Loved everything she ever sang And like her, I was recognized as " Lady Tee" in my little corner of the world. I remember winning 1st prize my university's talent maria luv singing "Irons in the Fire" with only piano accompaniment; A special achievement for me Her music made me invincible Love the entire album.

I'll never forget her. My dance team might using a jam from her new album.

Teena marie - luv letter lyrics

Because this song is so awesome that it would overload their speakers. Teena was SOUL and she will always be a main staple in the musc industry. Touched my soul from first song in career to now. Hoping there will be more to come. On my worst day her music transports me to a happy,mellow place. Beautiful song I didnt even know Teena Marie Passed Away. I've been listening to her for years. Few artist can touch my heart through music. She has reached Queen status.

I feel heart broken. You Live in my heart forever I met Teena Once We Miss you Lady T. I meet her twice. Same thing she would let her fans enter the front of the bus. Tee would sing autographs and take pictures with you.

She was so down to earth and real Feels like she's still here, but sadly that isn't true. Always loved and missed! I really like this song and I miss Teena Marie. She was an awesome lyricist and musician. She had a beautiful voice and her live performances were filled with passion and soul. Now she can sing to the angels, Jesus and God! You go girl! Truly this one will be missed for many yrs. Her voice, style and wide range of vocals makes her the one and only Lady Tee.

Hey just noticed that the cd Beautiful from Best Buy has 14 songs. On Amazon the cd only has maria luv songs.

I just orderd 3 from Best Buy and 3 from Amazon. You're very lucky. I meant her up close and personal two time in Boston. In she was touring for the Passion Play cd.

Marie luv family details

She pulled me on stage and I sang a little of Fire And Desire with her. Loved her since I was 14 and always will. I'm still sad about her passing. No female singer sounds like her or her style. I for one will always keep her spirit alive. Thanks to her daughter for getting this project off the ground.

Hey, we think we know you!

She has her mother's heart for sure. Nothing but Love for both of them! This is a different version from the one I hear. I love both of them. Damn I wish the man upstairs didn't take this underated singer from us. It hurts that Teena never received the credit she so derserve. I can't even get a radio station to play this hot song in Boston.

Love you Teena and thank you maria luv being simply you. You're beautiful in every since of the word!! Miss you always forever in my heart!!! Hard to believe its been almost three years since she has died. Nice to see she had one more album left.