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What is my age: 38
Gender: I'm lady
What I like to drink: White wine
What is my favourite music: Jazz
My hobbies: Singing

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Ivan aedler

Remember the game we are working on currently is being updated in my LOK thread. Skip. We use cookies to improve your experience using this site. More information.

Ivan Aedler is creating parody art, games and creature scenes. Select a membership level. Just the tip. At this level, you will be able to receive patron-only posts with NFSW text, like the hottest updates. Show more. Going in. At this level, you receive uncensored, NSFW previews of games we create right now, Wonderful Sonj and access to posts that involve lewd content. Due to the new Patreon Guidelines, we aren't allowed to create Raffle or Voting tiers that have giveaways.

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It truly means a lot to us, regardless of the support level. About Ivan Aedler. Introduction Hello there!

I am Ivan Aedler. I have been developing Flash games since That is, games you can hover around and do many things. I live in South America. I love my country, mostly the nature, which refreshes me in order to continue making new content. I like to walk, jog, ride a bicycle, and I don't have a car.

Then I decided to make another game from scratch, this time with unicque characters, using some ideas from Wonderful Pink game. It will be made in Unity engine. I know we can go further. We can make the utmost dream of a full game with all levels and hundreds of scenes. Yes, hundreds.

In order to accelerate its development, making me more dedicated to the game, I have to rely on people that enjoy my content enough to support my work. Sometimes I have restless nights figuring out how to fix that annoying bug you are having, or to add a feature to the game. Sometimes I don't even have coffee in order to make me focused.

Peach's untold tale

With Patreon, you pledge a small amount of money each time I do a major project update to directly support me for all of my efforts. This allows me to continue working on and updating the projects I think my fans will love the most. Keep in mind that you can set a monthly limit, pledge anonymously, or cancel your pledge anytime you want. I plan on making a wall of top-features the game should have, and also add user-requested features, provided we do a kind of voting system with things the players want so when I implement it as many of you can enjoy it as possible.

I work on games because I love them. By becoming a Patron you are directly supporting the development of projects like these and new projects in the future. As a Patron, if you want to see a particular project be revisited or updated you can vote for it. I'll be keeping an ear open to all of my supporters to see what they want me to focus on. Keep in mind that you can donate anonymously in case of privacy concerns!

MID remake by me, or the usage of older songsprogramming and so on. Most of the funds I receive from supporters will be directly invested in the game updates, some with life support food, coffeeserver and energy bills I use 2 PCs and I have a backup system in order to always work with the latest versionpaid plugins the game could have, provided patrons want it in the future, when one of more of those games are in Unity, I plan having a SVG vector plugin, so the games will be smooth instead of pixelated in zoom ins and paying others to help me make huge projects, more than just simple games and animations.

Payment Disclaimer: Pledge proceeds do not go toward any individual project. When you make a pledge you are donating directly to me, Ivan Aedler.

By being a Patron you are allowing me to focus on creating content I think my fans will enjoy the most instead of needing to take commissions or bother with miscellaneous distractions. This money is not used to fund any specific projects for copyright reasons although I -will- use it to pay voice actors, artists, other animators and musicians to help improve the quality of my projects and allow for bigger things. I will be making at least 1 update per 15 days this can change to once a weekwith or without posting a new feature like an update with bug fixesbecause even if I do not release something I am still actively working on my projects regardless.

Remember, you can: Cancel or change your pledge amount at any time. Set a monthly limit so you don't pledge over your budget. Pledge anonymously, for privacy reasons. I appreciate your help in order to make content you can truly love!

Again, thank you! I wish you a long and great life! I already started the production of the last world of PUT game! Thank you for all the support even if only 'thank you! By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to exclusive posts. Recent posts by Ivan Aedler. How it works.

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