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About game: The game will focus on corrupting your female employees as you build your pharmaceutical empire. The game will feature procedurally generated girls, a detailed clothing and outfit system, and a complex sex system….

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The game will focus on corrupting your female employees as you build your pharmaceutical empire. The game will feature procedurally generated girls, a detailed clothing and outfit system, and a complex sex system….

Only first 20 colours displayed. Performance greatly improved. Cost stats at 50, doubles with each purchase. Now uses click to view instead of click to select behaviour. Locked Clarity is generated by any event that would sexually excite your character. Should make the project easier to browse through, mod, and maintain. Added some new branches, fixed typos, incorrect triggering conditions, ect. Reduced by 5 each time you cum, increases by 1 per day.

Same as novelty for girls, but used when you masturbate. Girls under the effect of more serums than their serum tolerance suffer progressively higher penalties.

Lab rats 2 [version ]

Lowers serum tolerance by 1 for the duration. Success chance depends on Focus stat and how close you are to cumming. Now appears more quickly and disappears when no longer hovering the item ly remained for inconsistent delay. Situational obedience has been reduced, but not removed. Resulted in strange progression for many positions. Used to hold information related to a specific application of a serum, so that it may be used by serum effects.

Increases Sluttiness by 10, to a max of Each increases a girls sex skill in one particular area. Reduces girls max arousal by 20 for the duration, making it easier to make her climax. Makes it harder for them to climax, but may be useful for generating extra arousal based Sluttiness. Decreased amount of permanent resources lost. Introverted or Reserved characters are much less likely to make one. Chance is based on personality type. Helping Lily take pictures will guarantee she has a new Instapic post to view. Gives choice to be romantic, flirty, or to ask for nudes. Response depends on girl Sluttiness.

Many events that checked if outfits did or did not match uniforms now properly implemented. Outfit deer now displays what layer a piece of clothing lab rats cheat. Other events can use the information for dialogue, ect. Varies by personality, special role, stats, and what was done in the encounter.

Lab rats 2 v - mods download

Date descriptions are now in dates. Provides more opportunities to make use of serum effects. Is now a limited time event, chance of triggering based on difference between girl sluttiness and uniform sluttiness. If nothing is given returns False. Each infraction has a severity ranging from 1 least serious to 5 most serious. More serious infractions unlock more severe punishments. Unlocks basic punishment options and the ability to record infractions for a of things. Unlocks physical punishment options — Added three other punishment related policies.

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Clicking on a de now locks it, letting you move over to the tooltip and scroll to see full details for complex serums. By default there are now 4 layers for characters which may then have an arbitrary characters on each layer. Provides support for tracking and drawing multiple characters as a group, as well as updating single characters. Characters now display more quickly after a draw call and have a massively improved frame rate while multiple characters are being drawn. May ask you to take off a condom at the last minute.

You may discover slutty employees who are masturbating while at work.

Now allows for half off clothing to give access or vision. Offset distances now stored to assemble images — Moved animation into a separate thread.

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More options for this branch will be added in a future update. Christina will be given more content in a future update. Increased last stage arousal modifier. Some policies are always active when purchased. Now allows you to select a policy without purchasing it, instead of requiring you to hover.

Invalid uniforms will not be worn until the appropraite policies are activated. Allows you to enter the normal sex system at high enough Obedience.

Highest level may also lead into sex system. Now includes a coloured backplate and a frame. Current weighted regions are a girls breasts and butt. Reduces border effects for thin girls around their neck and shoulders. Now works while an image is animated.

Allows for separate blowjob sucking and idle animations. Used for girls who should consistently wear glasses. Text can be coloured separately.

Lab rats 2 [version ]

Energy is used for various daily actions, as well as during most positions while having sex. Each position now costs both parties energy, with the amount of energy varying depending on what is being done. Events and actions that ly required stamina now use energy instead. Each point of experience spent increase max energy by 20, up to Waiting around instead of working restores Instead, climaxing while performing a slutty position causes a girl to gain sluttiness.

There are now 5 different styles in the game, all appropriately shaded for the hair colour of the girl. These events are generated and remain valid for a of turns before expiring if not triggered. Girls who like cheating will start an affair if you ask them to be your girlfriend. Lab rats cheat your girls house while her ificant other is away and fuck her as much as your stamina will allow throughout the night.

Girlfriend and Paramours recieve full Love as a bonus Like all non-family did in versions. Girlfriends become fiancees, fiancees become married. All relationship types turn to single. Girls you are having an affair with become your girlfriend. This will no loner have to drive me mad. Can be discovered by exploring downtown.

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When encountered they can be paid for sex, but will not be seduced unless their love is above a threshold Currently Doing additional work for Nora provides funds as well as unlocks next phase. By studying unique individuals and providing reports to her she can develop powerful, unique serum traits.

Vren - lab rats [v] () (eng)

A company model can be asked to start an ad campaign for you, resulting in higher prices for all serums sold. Should massively reduce end game memory usage. Add, modify, duplicate, delete, and export functionality is now all combined on one screen. Older characters and characters in steady relationships are more likely to have kids and more likely to have more.

Now a more natural light red-brown.

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Updated all existing references. Map locations updated for new system. Serum use makes corruption faster and more efficent, but is not strictly nessesary. Startup times reduced to between 5 and 10 seconds. Each character has a title for themselves and a title for you.

Lab rats 2 v - mods download

Requires a minimum of obedience. Moderate obedience give you a choice between two they like, but will keep their old title if you wish. High obedience characters give you complete control and are happy no matter what you pick.

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A pattern is a section of an existing clothing item that can be coloured a secondary colour. Add outfit exports to the wardrobe. When a pattern is selected you can also select if you are modifying the primary or secondary colour.