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Ireland Baldwin posted another racy picture on Instagram that triggered a not-so-friendly reaction from her mother, Kim Basinger.

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Check out some of our favorite Hollywood couples who found romance together on screen and in real life. See the entire gallery. Our August picks include some Marvel mindblowersOscar hopefulssci-fi escapesand more. Get our August picks. In. Kim Basinger Actress Producer Soundtrack.

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Her agoraphobia could keep her housebound for up to six months at a time, before she received therapy to combat it.

As a school child, she suffered from crippling shyness preventing her from reading aloud or answering questions in class. Her father was an introspective, classically trained trumpeter, while mom was a flamboyant, extroverted housewife Kim describes as "Lucy-like". Loved the movie My Fair Lady and the "Loverly" song in it, which prompted her dad to encourage her to enter local Junior Miss ant and sing the song as her "talent.

This led to career as Ford model, then to acting. In the early s she had to re-teach herself how to drive after experiencing panic attacks while shopping. Enrolled in a behavior-modification program overseen by Malibu psychologist Dr. She is a vegetarian and an animal rights supporter.

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She has posed for anti-fur advertisements by PETA. Her appeal was ultimately accepted. Ex-daughter-in-law of Allan Snyder and Carol M. Ex-cousin-in-law of Joseph Baldwin. Ex-stepdaughter-in-law of Marjorie Plecher. Her last name is often mispronounced, so when she appeared with husband Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live on NBC, he asked her during the opening monologue how to pronounce it. In seriousness, she answered "BAY-sing-ger," with the final syllable used with a hard "g" as in "go".

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Confidential The tiger print one-piece she wears in Never Say Never Again 's final scene was given to her by the Playboy organization. She and Alec Baldwin met and fell in love in on the set of the trouble-plagued movie The Marrying Man Underwent surgery to remove slipped discs and fuse together damaged vertebrae in her lower back. Debbie was upset with the film, claiming Kim portrayed her falsely. Almost didn't appear in L. Confidential because she was tired of playing prostitutes.

Has two older brothers, Donald 'Skip' Basinger Jr. Except for Barbara, none of the siblings go by their real names -- somewhat of a tradition for Southerners. Delivered her daughter Ireland Baldwin via Caesarean section due to her being in the kim basinger naked position. John guested as the Riddler's moll. Was offered regular role of Kris Munroe on Charlie's Angels after guest-starring in the show's fourth episode, but turned it down to leave herself open for future film work. Cheryl Ladd played the character 4 seasons.

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Reports of a liaison with Eminem were denied by the rapper in an April interview with British newspaper The Guardian. Auctioned off her 3.

Kim basinger

Proceeds of sale were donated to the Performing Kim basinger naked Welfare Society. Backing vocals on the original version were provided by Madonna. Claims that she never watches any of her films after they've been completed. One exception was L. Now-forgotten first hubby Ron, a makeup artist, changed his surname from Snyder to Britton after Basinger demanded he choose "something with a B" so it matched the initials monogrammed on her luxury luggage set. He also quit his job and kept a low profile so as not to hamper the actress' burgeoning image as a sex goddess. Publicly, Kim hasn't acknowledged his existence in well over two decades.

Is allergic to sunlight and is rarely seen out and about during the day without either a hat or parasol. For the Washington D. Guarded by Secret Service agents, the trio ate dinner at Duke Zeibert's restaurant afterwards. Kim, who is actually a staunch Democrat, said being with the Bushes "is like going home" and called them "a real Christmas card family". Unfortunately, Adrian Lyne's potential masterpiece lost crucial scenes and became incomprehensible because of the rating battle which necessitated extensive editing in order to avoid an X.

Before the movie got cut to shreds, producer Keith Barish said he would probably get picketed by women's groups if it came out.

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Kim criticized MGM's decision to censor the controversial material and revealed that she squirreled away 14 hours of videotaped scenes for her own private use. For years, fans have longed for the original version to be made available for public viewing. The Unrated DVD edition contains just under 6 minutes of extra footage, with no additional features. Owns two properties next door to each other in the upscale foothills of L. As of Kim was estranged from her mother, Ann, and all except one of her four siblings. Her father Don and youngest sister Ashley were the only family members invited to her wedding inand the only family members she thanked in her acceptance speech at the Academy Awards in Somebody wanted her to be an opera singer, but she was more interested in black soul music.

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As a budding lyricist she entered 12 songs in the American Song Festival and inrecorded a 9-track pop album produced by then-boyfriend Prince entitled "Hollywood Affair". Kim has long since abandoned the idea of a music career, but bootleg CDs of her unreleased album are widely available. Growing up Kim had, in her words, "a strange kind of prettiness that was not accepted. Confidential and 8 Mile Daughter Ireland Baldwin appears briefly in flashbacks as the younger version of Kim's character Sally in Grudge Match Generally shuns talk shows due to social anxiety, rarely turns up at Hollywood parties, spurned many invitations to present at the Oscars she said no 6 years in a row before making her first appearance inand has even been absent from some of her own premieres.

Universally regarded as far more attractive than most women her age, Kim did the most graphic sex scenes of her career when she was 40 The Getaway and 50 The Door in the Floor years old. Jon Foster, the actor playing her lover in the latter movie, was nineteen. He worked with Kim again in The Informers kim basinger naked, this time cast as her son.

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Lent her support in a public service announcement to end the marketing of downed animals in California. She was raised Methodist though by adolescence her church attendance had ticked off to nothing.

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Got first tattoo by Jose A. Began dating Mitchell Stone in Just like her first husband coincidentally, Mitch was Kim's hairstylist on a movie set when they met. The couple, who wear matching gold bands, knew each other for 16 years prior to becoming an item and have since moved in together. Alec Baldwin ed Co-Dependents Anonymous to get over her. The divorce, initiated by Basinger in Januarywas bitter and messy, and the custody disputes over their daughter went on for kim basinger naked.

Very self-conscious about the back of her hands, her feet and her legs. At the peak of her influence she had it written in her contracts that they are never filmed. At the Korean Consulate General in Los Angeles, Basinger protested alongside Priscilla Presley, Donna D'Errico and Elizabeth Daily to end canine meat trade, carrying a as the other women held recently euthanized dogs provided by a local vet - for shock factor. Was set to return as series antagonist Elena Lincoln in Fifty Shades Freedeven briefly appearing in the trailers, but her scenes were ultimately deleted.

She pushes hard at every workout and when she is not with me she works out on her own. Her drive and focus to keep fitness and nutrition her top priority is truly extraordinary. Turned down the role of Mary Magdalene in The Last Temptation of Christ because she didn't want to be typecast as a 'femme fatale'. However, she encountered financial difficulties and started to sell parts of it off in The town is now owned by developer Wayne Mason.

In a interview with Barbara Walters, Basinger stated that "nothing good came out of it" because a rift resulted within her family. Kim's parents were separated and had no contact sincebut refused to get divorced. The marriage legally ended when her father passed away in InKim told Charlie Rose on his show that making L. Confidential an I Dreamed of Africa were the kim basinger naked pleasurable experiences of her career.

She holds the distinction of being the only actress who has both posed nude for Playboy and won an Academy Award future Oscar winners Jane Fonda and Charlize Theron also appeared nude in Playboy, both those photos were snapped privately and both actresses sued the magazine for publishing without consent.

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Several roles Kim unsuccessfully pursued before she became a star went to Jessica Lange. Her first audition ever was for the part of Dwan in King Kong

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