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eye-candy lady Brinley

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What is my age: 41
What is my ethnicity: English
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got dark brown eyes
My favourite music: I like dance
I have tattoo: None

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Hyper Dreams! In a world of 4K Ultra-HD teen cherry-popping movies and immersive VR anal fisting scenes that make you the fister, people are often surprised to learn that I appreciate a good erotic story from time to time. When the porn scenes play out in your head, the sluts are never ugly, and the action is never phoned-in or boring.


Remember those Choose-Your-Own adventure books? Well, imagine jacking off to them! Instead of bad endings where you get shot in the face by an outlaw, you get good endings where you shoot a girl in the face with your sperm.

There are no graphics and certainly no high-res images of pornstars getting boned and squirting girlcum all over the place. Anybody with two brain cells to rub together can follow a link to a premium anal site, but that big brain of yours needs a different kind of stimulation.

The front hyperdreams key out some basics about how HyperDreams. Most of the erotic stories are written in second-person, present-tense, making you the main character. The stories branch out as you make decisions and choose your own path to jizz-stained boxers. Besides the Choose-Your-Own porno choices, many of their stories are also customizable.

A few Collaborative Sex Stories have been put together by members of the community, and you can in on the fun if you like stringing dirty words together or just the idea of people spanking it to your boner daydreams. Hyper Dreams also has a couple of small but growing sections of erotic audio. The Interactive Erotic Audio area has about a dozen branching, looping porn recordings with some choices along the way.

There are around 50 Choose-Your-Own sex fantasies in total. Most are written with dudes as the lead, but the female section has almost as many.

Most of the hyperdreams key have a padlock icon next to them. First, I wanted to try some of these pervy next-gen sex stories. Even limiting myself to just the free stuff, Hyper Dreams has a diverse selection of sexual niches. I could read stories that cast me as the cuck or the bull in cuckold scenarios, have my dream girl tied up in bed, or get confronted by her because of my sneaky ogling. There are celebrity fantasies where you fill in the blank so you can bone Scarlett Johansson, Ariana Grande, or your mom.

Should I hypnotize a movie star into boning me, or should I go to a masquerade party and anonymously bang some girl I know? The escort I hire from an agency turns out to be a broad I know.

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The story is 21 s and has 11 happy endings. It sounds funny as hell, but those kind of little details can throw off the realism. Lying back on your hotel bed, you begin to fantasize about Jennifer. This one is simply credited to the website itself, and the quality of the writing is solid.

The language is smooth and flows well. From the stories I looked at it, it seems like the overall writing standards are pretty high. Holy fuck. The author manages to segue this realistically into having a drink together, where we discuss her work. There are 3 options hyperdreams key what I can say. A one-time donation seems more akin to donating to your favorite porn-game developer on Patreon, but without the monthly commitment.

Whether you ultimately spring for the membership is up to you, but I would easily recommend HyperDreams. The customization is simple but effective, and the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style works really fucking well in a masturbatory setting. Open HyperDreams.

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