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Years: 40
Ethnicity: I was born in Brazil
I understand: I can speak English and Romanian
Body features: My figure features is quite athletic
What I prefer to drink: Ale
What is my favourite music: Reggae
My hobbies: Dancing

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John Reiher has been involved with the roleplaying game industry since the late 's. He's now branching out and producing his own selfpublished settings and games. On social media, we have a MeWe group: John H. Reiher Jr. Please visit us on either site!

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Newsletter RSS Feed. Start Over Advanced Search. Products found in this section Sort by: John H. Fiasco on the Disoriented Express This playset is an accessory for the Fiasco role-playing game. All aboard!

But still, you can travel across Europe and the Orient in style on board the Orient Express. Ride the rails in style and experience the best Europe has to offer! Just remember, The Mystery of the Haunted Barge Along the shores of the Old Mississippi River, there's some good eaten going on at the newest restaurant located on the river.

The Barge has a really unique cuisine that's out of this world. However, there's stories floating around about it, stories of people being changed, of strange dishes with ingredients not of this Earth. You and your group of supernatural investigators are going h rpg games and ordering Bureau Blood Rose You are agents of the most secret government agency you have never heard of: The 13th Bureau of Justice, also known as: Bureau Your mission is to protect the United States of America and all its territories from supernatural threats and creatures, while at the same time protecting those supernatural that live in peace with man and his civilization.

You are part of Team Fremont, a regional team Does Rose Dream of Electric Sheep Several days ago, several Mk6-R bioroids, synthetic humans, commandeered a shuttle and landed in the mountains near Seattle, and their "birthplace": Tyler Industries. They have killed several people, including one Scan Runner. Scan Runners are humans that hunt down and "retire" rogue bioroids. You play as either the escaped bioroids or the humans hunting them. Will the bioroids Everyone has heard of the Captain James Q.

However, no one has ever heard of you.

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Well, every ship in the fleet has three watches: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Beta Watch is commanded by the ambitious No one has heard of you, however. Every ship in the fleet has three watches, and the Endeavor is no exception. Ghost Club You see dead people That first one scared you real good, but you were able to deal with it and somehow sent that ghost on to the great beyond.

You then found out that you weren't the only person who can see ghosts and spirits. So you and other kids with the same abilities have banded together to form the most unique afterschool club: Ghost You know, the Monroes?

Well, I heard that they have a ghost problem! That's right! To bad that there's no one that can help them Welcome to the special Halloween Adventure for Ghost Club! A haunting is happening in the old Browstone Cottage that's down the street.

Can your kids figure out what's going on and how to lay the ghost to rest? She's carrying a load of cargo and passengers and travelling through the New Haven systems, headed for the St. Sebastian wormhole gate. Up until now, it's been an uneventful voyage. Rose Alverez, heiress, has disappeared. On a spaceship with very few hiding places. What's the crew of the Tranquilty to do? In Space No Is it useful? Or it does something unexpected?