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Return to Free sexy games. Emily: Sister Attraction Complete and totally free games the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game. Post a reply. Re: Emily: Sister Attraction by Arden » Thu, 16Mar10 Skelaturi wrote: Arden wrote: To get back to the game lol, when playing EsA I am having issues with the images loading the first one will them all after that no.

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Return to Free sexy games. Emily: Sister Attraction Complete and totally free games the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game. Post a reply. So this is the first version of my first game.

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Due to several bugs and problems with Adrift 5 I've had to cut some planned interactivity in this version in order to get it out within a reasonable time frame. My hopes are that these problems will be fixed soon, at which point I'll start working on version 2. Emily: Sister Attraction is a dialogue driven and linear game, with dynamic content and plenty of pictures. The story revolves around the increasingly passionate relationship between the player character and his sister Emily, as well as their love for each other.

The game employs two main variables which in turn control the story: Intimacy Level and Daringness.

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Intimacy Level reflects how close the Player is with Emily and directly influences conversations and story, while daringness is required to enable certain commands in the game. These variables can be raised or lowered by performing certain actions or solving puzzles.

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Although I and my beta testers have tried hard to squash all bugs, some may yet remain. Please try to overlook bugs and spelling mistakes should you find any. Bug reports and feedback are very welcome and can be provided on my site. Hope you enjoy it! Re: Demo release: Emily - Sister attraction by rabbie » Fri, 13Jun14 Played it and enjoyed it and took a few notes while playing. The last line in the intro says "sheer her up" instead of cheer I really like how the computer works, its nice to be able to check the news, and check Emily's facebook pictures.

That could be updated as you go along. One tiny problem was not being able to use "Turn on PC" only "turn on computer" even though "pc" can be used elsewhere. Emily is cute as hell and i love how there is a different picture for each body part you look at - i feel you could also use that as a real world action taken by the player character, since you are presented a picture of Emily just from looking at her I think adding a lot more flavor subjects to the "ask about" system would help and give the player little nuggets of info about the characters while you are searching for the correct thing to ask or just experimenting with emily sister attraction images you can ask.

On that subject also, Im not sure if this was intentional but italic was quite hard to noticefor me,if it was me i might drop the bolded text, make each character talk in a different color and bold the topics that are of use to the player. I did get a little stuck when trying to convince Emily to do the contest A small bug, if you talk to Emily about sleeping after prompted, then turn out the light when she jumps in the shower and you try to turn the light back on she tells you she is trying to sleep.

Emily: homecoming act 2

All in all this game is really promising, its kind of like a game i was trying to make at one point but ultimately deleted after not being dedicated enough. I love the incest theme, i like the slower building of there relationship She teases just enough to stay cute while not straying into the usual AIF sex object.

I really hope you keep going, after i got to the end point i was really wanting more. To say first - game with a plot with good potential, it's really getting you involved in process. But on the other side - I'm stuck running out of themes used every italic word and still intimacy level of 0, when I try to watch movie, she says - it's too late. If I do watch movie instead of talknig - intimacy level is 1, but I can't guess right verbs to interact with her clothes, game always says "you are not wearing thong" or "thong is not on or into pussy".

I think maybe adding some subtle way of letting you know her intimacy level, maybe something in the description when you look at her would help. I've gotten really into the game so far, trying to figure out all the different paths. One thing I can't figure out, which might be a bug of sorts, is how to watch the movie. I emily sister attraction images you said that you have to do it early or else Emily will say she's tired.

Emily: sister attraction [v] [palmer]

I can't even get to that point. Whenever I try anything to do with the movie, it says that no good could come from watching a movie, but maybe I can watch one with Emily later. This happens even when Emily is there. I can't seem to figure out anything to ask her about. I am somewhat new to these games, so maybe I'm just missing it from experience, but I figured out one level of interaction and am trying to find the others.

Re: Demo release: Emily - Sister attraction by nvtsbamf » Sat, 13Jun15 i cant emily sister attraction images much to work here. Re: Demo release: Emily - Sister attraction by rabbie » Sat, 13Jun15 I asked emily "about do" which trigger the start of watching the movie, i thought it was a weird command since "something" was the word in italics. Re: Demo release: Emily - Sister attraction by redle » Sat, 13Jun15 Not sure whether this game will pass moderator inspection or not as it hits on 2 fairly big taboos. Incest isn't my cup of tea, but from a gamer's standpoint I can generally ignore that point among other things because I see who I'm interacting with, and they are clearly no relation to me.

If that concept is even just tossed in once, most places in the story can go on using simply sister with no problems at all. The underage thing is a bit more touchy. The intro makes it seem ok He then returns after he is of age and here is where the story will start. Then we find out, no, we are playing the acts of him before he went away. Granted, by displaying images of the person, and the images being of a person over 18, it is somewhat muted.

Emily: sister attraction

But the game reminds us quite often of the 14 year old nature of the person. Regardless of whether the people in the story are age appropriate for each other, the player is supposed to see themselves doing these interactions that's ignoring the issue of whether people that age should be doing such things at all. Also, the topic of the photo-shoot. If it were me, I'd prefer either some vague, maybe some things happened when we were younger without getting into specificsand everything starts upon the guys return from his trip.

Him now beingwhatever Or, to keep the story intact as it is, just push the ages up to 18 and 20 before he gets sent away. Mom and Dad met a few years ago. Had a whirlwind courtship and got married within a month. Suddenly I had a new step-sister. I didn't like the new parent and thought it all happened too fast. Started rebelling right away.

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Grew out my hair, etc, etc Anyway, new sis and her parent were never close, as she was always away at school. Next thing I knew she kind of latched on to me as our parents started arguing a lot and realized maybe they made a mistake.

Didn't like her latching on, but it seemed to get under the skin of the new parent. Eventually I got used to it, and then we actually grew pretty close. I guess that brings us to today. It's been going on 5 years now and that sis is now My parents are downstairs yelling at each other and I'm going to find out in a couple days they are actually going through with a emily sister attraction images. Emily's in her room trying to act like nothing's happening. I'm an emotional roller-coaster. One minute I want to throw my arms around my sis and shield her from all the crap life has put her through, and the next I want to toss her onto the bed, go at it like bunnies, and listen to her screaming out my name in pure passionate joy.

Did I mention she really grew up this past year, and dang is she hot?

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Well, back to reality I guess I should go check on her. Re: Demo release: Emily - Sister attraction by Dole » Sat, 13Jun15 Can anybody tell me to get out the paper ball from the bathroom door so I can peek. Aso how I can reach intimacy level of 3.

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Lower intimacy level pull panties pull up shirt.