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Bully Table of Contents Gameplay Walkthrough.

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It takes place late in the spring at the end of the school year. It involves Jimmy taking on the Townies and stopping Gary Smith. The chapter begins with Jimmy, and all the clique leaders. Jimmy is having a great time ruling the school. Petey comes in and tries to tell Jimmy that there is a problem, but Jimmy isn't listening. The clique leaders decide that Jimmy needs to pull off a spectacular prank.

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When you’re targeted by the bully chapter 5 summary

Add a guide to share them with the community. Bully: Scholarship Edition walkthrough. The mission that you need to beat in order to finish Chapter 5 is called 'Complete Mayhem' and it can be started in the Blue Skies Industrial Park from 8am to 7pm. Before starting 'Complete Mayhem' make sure you have full health and try making out with some girls to get a health bonus.

Complete Mayhem Zoe is kind enough to inform you that Bullworth is in the midst of an all out war. You need to find Russell so you can storm the campus and bring order back; he is in the Meat Factory, the one where you and Zoe go to find Edgar.

The cops have him pinned down it's your job to get him out. Grab a bicycle on the way to the factory if you see one. Use it to make your way past the cops as fast as you can. Stay out of their sight and travel towards the marker on the mini map.

Russell is hiding behind some crates inside a building with no doors.

Graduate achievement in bully: scholarship edition

Talk to Russel and he will start running out of the Meat Factory follow him to escape. You will be warped to the school entrance with Russell and the townie Edgar. You have to take out the leader of the four cliques again.

This time in rapid succession. One will usually have a long range weapon.

Bully walkthrough chapter 5: the fall and rise of jimmy hopkins, aged 15

Luckily you brought Russell. Lock on to one of the enemies and get his attention by throwing a few punches. Once you have his attention back away from Russell slowly, this should cause the one you targeted to follow you away from the pack.

Let Russell take on the remaining two enemies. If you beat your enemy first go help Russell. He will come to your help when he is done with his two. Beat all four and go to school to meet Edgar.

Bully/chapter 5: the fall and rise of jimmy hopkins, aged 15

Final Showdown Edgar has taken care of the Bully clique but nothing can stop the prefects from pinning you down and taking all of your weapons. You are left with your fists and your rubber band ball if you possess one; don't get your hopes up the rubber band ball can't be thrown during this mission. Gary is here. The chase is on. Balance across the planks and climb ladders while in pursuit of Gary.

When you’re targeted by the bully: chapter 5

He will throw bricks at you when you are balancing. If you fall rapidly hit Y to get back up on the plank. Going up ladders can be tricky because Gary will dump a wheel barrel of debris on you if you aren't careful. Press and hold the left stick to the right or left to avoid the falling debris. At the top the bells will fall in front of you to obscure your path, navigate around them to stand toe to toe with Gary.

Fighting him is pretty normal except when you get a portion of his health down he will pin you against a railing. Rapidly press Y to break free. Knock Gary out and the mission is over.

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To bully - chapter 5

Also, this achievement didn't pop up automatically to me. I had to save and reload the game before it showed.

Posted by TiuNeo on 29 Sep 09 at Yes I believe that is a common glitch across all achievements. You can save and reload like you've done and some have had to go as far as to save, leave to the dashboard and go back for the achievement to pop.

Posted by Kung Fu Riki on 30 Sep 09 at Achievement is a little bit glitchy. Got mine NOT after completing chapter 5. I saved and reloaded on another slot! Result: no Achievement. Turned off my console then started the game.

Chapter 5: prank

No Achievement. After about 30 Seconds in the Game, the Achievement finally popped up.

in and add a guide. Stevo19 Jul 26 Aug Chapter 5 is the final story-related chapter in Bully before you unlock the endless summer mop up chapter.

Do you have a question about this achievement? Please post it in the Bully: Scholarship Edition Forum. Graduate trophy in Bully PS4.