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Discussion in ' Black Desert Discussion ' started by trinciapolliApr 10,

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Black Desert Onlinethe MMO developed by Pearl Abysshas a decent selection of fashionable outfits for all of its classes, ranging from practical and functional to gaudy and risque.

Restore nude mod immidiately!

But if you're looking for something even less modest than what the game has to offer, well, there's a mod for that. However, it's received constant updates ever since, making it one of the most developed and requested mods for Black Desert Online. As you might guess, the mod lets you strip your characters -- both male and female -- so that they're naked while you play through the game.

But that's not all the mod does. The Resorepless mod features a whole suite of additional options, affording players a great deal of control over how they customize their characters' assets. It's also worth noting that the mod has a few SFW aesthetic tweaks that some players might be looking for, like hiding certain sheathed weapons or removing specific parts of character armor, among other things.

And while there's also a risk that comes with using game modifications in a multiplayer environment, the nude mod is just a client-side appearance changer, making it pretty innocuous as far as multiplayer mods go. If you have any issues with the mod, refer to this thread for troubleshooting.

Also, be aware that you will need to uninstall and reinstall the mod each time there is an update to Black Desert Online. Make sure you close your launcher immediately after any update and uninstall the mod by restoring the backup in your uninstall options within the mod tool.

If you don't do this, you will get a "Corrupted Files" error, damaging your files. One of Black Desert Online 's greatest strengths is how great it looks, and that includes its character and outfit models.

Black desert online

But if you've been looking for a way to spice things up further, the Resorepless nude mod does just that! Be sure to check out our other Black Desert Online guides! Here are a just a few to get you started:.

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